Day 1: Chieng Mai - Lanna Countryside Introduction Tour

The tour starts with a pick up from your hotel or the airport/train station and a drive to Nam Phrae district where you can check in to our small paradise, a nature resort. You will get a good quality mountain bike and a detailed route description with an easy route to start. The route will pass through villages, along rice fields, and the beautiful Chiang Mai Grand Canyon. It will be a ride in the countryside, small paved country roads, hardly any traffic, and no hills. For lunch, there are a few local food stalls on the route but at the Grand Canyon, there are a few good restaurants. In the afternoon relax at the swimming pool. You stay the night in a bungalow with private bathroom. (40 km)

Day 2 : Baan Tawai - Ping River - Wiang Khum Kham

The tour will take you along quiet country roads through rice fields, local villages and beautiful scenery on your way to Baan Tawai. Baan Tawai is a village known for its wood sculpting and handicrafts. You continue through a very fertile area due to the proximity of the Ping river. There will be lots of fruit trees and you can taste some of the fruit in season. You will pass the ruins of Wiang Kum Kam, the former capital of the Lanna kingdom.
Wiang Kum Kam gives an idea of the rich cultural history of Chiang Mai. This former capital was an influential city in the 13th century but was ultimately abandoned because of continuous flooding. From there you ride to your hotel, De Wiang Kum Kam. If you want to do a longer ride today you could cycle into Chiang Mai city center and explore the old city but beware, there is a lot of traffic. (27 km)

Day 3: Wiang Khum Kham - Lamphun - San Kamphaeng

Today is a longer cycling day over narrow paved country roads with hardly any traffic and no hills. When you arrive in Lamphun make sure to visit Wat Haripunchai temple, an ancient Buddhist temple complex with beautiful statues, art and relics. And a good location for lunch. You continue your tour through very fertile lands due to the proximity of the Ping river. Tranquil cycling through fields and small villages where you can stop to chat with local people or visit temples and markets. You will stay the night in Baanpong Lodge in San Kamphaeng. (77 km)

Day 4 : San Kamphaeng - Doi Saket

This day we have some hills for you, but mostly small paved country roads again. You will pass Muang On caves and San Kamphaeng hot springs, both a good option for lunch. The Muang-On Caves are filled with beautiful stalactites and stalagmites, and fluorescent lights artfully placed around to enhance the look and feel of natural rock formations. Well worth a visit. The San Kamphaeng hot springs contain water with a high sulfur content and it is said to cure many diseases and improve blood circulation. A nice stop and soak while cycling. From here onwards to Jasmine Hills Villa and Spa where you stay for the night. (45 km)

Day 5: Doi Saket - Mae Taeng

Today a long ride with lots to see but it is up to you if you want to take time checking the sites. You will pass the Doi Saket temple on the hill and continue to the Mae Kuang Dam which provides water for the Doi Saket area. Here you cross the bridge that is not allowed for cars. You will find some lunch options at the dam. The road after the bridge will be a few kilometers of dirt roads with some steep parts. Once back on the concrete road there is a long stretch through the forest without any people living there.

You can take a left towards the Buatong Waterfalls with a few small food stalls for a visit, or continue the route towards Mae Ngat Dam. When the route takes a left at the T junction you can decide to turn right which will bring you to the dam. At the dam is a boat service to the middle of the lake for a swim. This would take about 2 hours extra. If you take this detour please take the same route back to the T junction to continue with our route. The last part of today’s ride, from the T junction to Bamboo Country Lodge, where you will spend the night, does have some hills to ride. (80 km)

Day 6: Mae Taeng - Chiang Dao

Today many hills to climb and some are very steep. Also, some dirt roads and not too well maintained concrete roads, expect some potholes. The route takes you through a forest area and almost to the top of a mountain with incredible mountain scenery, beautiful greenery, and wildlife. You will pass through hill tribe villages. Most hill tribes live almost self-sufficient, contact with the city is quite limited. They find a way of providing for their own needs on these steep mountain slopes. If you do not want to climb too many hills you could stay on the main road, road 107, as our route will loop back to the 107 before arriving at the hotel for the night, Marisa Resort. (74 km)

Day 7 : Chiang Dao - Mae Rim

The first part of today is for the Chiang Dao cave. Chiang Dao Cave features beautiful crystal formations and is an interesting place to visit. Boasting some of the most spectacular stalactite and stalagmite formations in the country, Chiang Dao Cave stretches many kilometers into the mountains. Next a stretch of dirt roads, and then back to better roads again towards Mae Rim. Today the only option to cross the mountains without too much climbing is to stay for a longer distance on route 107. The overnight stay is at Indie House in Mae Rim. (93 km)

Day 8 : Mae Rim - Chiang Mai

Another long ride today. Towards Mae Rim from Mae Taeng you will pass the XCentre where there is bungee jumping, go-karts, etc. Near the XCentre is the Four Seasons Hotel with fantastic food for lunch. When you come to road 121 north of Chiang Mai you can ride most of the way along the slip road next to the main road. You will enter the city and could make a side trip to climb the Doi Suthep hilltop temple (12 km and steep). From there you continue onwards to Little Village Resort where your tour ends. You can stay overnight here or we bring you back to your hotel in Chiang Mai. (48 km)

Price Includes

  • Good mountain or comfort bikes, accident insurance, helmet
  • Rack and rear panniers for luggage
  • Inner tubes, repair kit, pump and back-up if necessary (extra charge)
  • Good accommodation (mostly with swimming pool) with breakfast
  • Detailed route descriptions by Garmin GPS and smartphone
  • Pick up from and return to your hotel in the city center

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